Fans' concerns over free Ariana Grande tickets

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Fans who bought tickets to see Ariana Grande on 22 May from some online market sites may not be eligible for tickets to the benefit concert this weekend.

Ariana Grande has offered free tickets to fans who went to her concert at the Manchester Arena where 22 people were left dead after a suicide attack.

But some people who bought their tickets from sites including GETMEIN! and viagogo are being told they are not eligible.

Ticketmaster, which own GETMEIN!, told the BBC “We are doing everything possible to extend the offer to all fans we can verify were at the show. All fans should register their details.”

Janine and her 11-year-old daughter from Bradford saw the performance and bought their tickets from GETMEIN!.

But when Janine rang the company to order free tickets for the benefit concert, she was told she was not eligible.

“They just told me, ‘You’re not going’. How is that fair? My little girl was really excited but now she’s been let down.

“They’ve not thought this through properly.

“It’s not fair on the thousands of little girls who might have seen horrendous things. Their parents are hoping this might make them feel better but now they’ve found out they can’t go – it’s outrageous,” Janine told the BBC.

Janine has since been in touch with Ticketmaster and says she has been told she should get tickets if she registers by 16:00 BST on Wednesday, but it is unclear whether this applies to other concert-goers.

Another affected family said: “My daughter and niece attended the Ariana Grande concert but because they got their tickets through GETMEIN! they can’t get the free tickets for the concert on 4 June.

“This is an important stage in their recovery which has been taken away from them. I’m disgusted.”

Some fans who bought tickets from viagogo also say they are affected.

Lisa Phillips was in the Manchester Arena on 22 May with her family. She told the BBC: “We spoke to our girls to see if they would like to go and after initially being scared to go they decided to stand up to these nasty people and go.

“We have registered for our tickets only to be told (not officially) that because we bought our overpriced tickets from viagogo, the tout who actually bulk-bought the tickets originally and sold them on to us would receive the free ones.”

The BBC has approached viagogo but as yet it has not responded to our request for a comment.

Seatwave tickets holders are eligible for tickets to the benefit concert providing that they register by 16:00 BST on Wednesday.

By Georgina Rannard, UGC and Social news.

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