Supermarket shoppers post photos of empty shelves

Empty shelves at supermarket in Bath

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The denuded shelves at this supermarket in Bath are typical of many around the country

Shoppers have been posting photos of empty supermarket shelves on social media after the wintry weather led to shortages across the country.

Retailers say they are experiencing localised disruption because supplies could not be delivered in the snow.

Supermarkets also say they are experiencing high demand as people stock up after not being able to shop.

Most photos show bread, milk and eggs shortages, although other absent items include fruit, vegetables and meat.

The south west of England appears to have been particularly badly affected, and there are warnings nationally of a short-term hit to economic growth.

Rae Rae, from Exmouth, Devon, who posted these photos, didn’t have much luck buying supplies in her local supermarket.

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Rae Rae/Facebook

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Rae Rae/Facebook

Elsewhere in Devon, Sara Raine says it appears Plymouth has “run out of bread and milk”.

In Torbay, supplies of bread are low and there are signs on the shelves explaining that bad weather has led to shortages.

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Helena says it seems a bit like the apocalypse…

Camilla Henderson says eggs are in short supply in Wantage, Oxfordshire.

Lisa Byfield-Green in Swindon, Wiltshire, says there is no milk, bread or even cakes at her local supermarket.

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Jenny from Warminster, Wiltshire, is having similar issues.

Longbridge in Birmingham is also experiencing bread shortages.

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Tom Longbridge

And at this store in Rochdale there were no fresh or frozen vegetables.

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Bread is being rationed at this supermarket in Silverburn, Glasgow.

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But it is not just staples for humans that have run short…

The major supermarkets all say they are replenishing shelves as quickly as possible.

Tesco says it is “working incredibly hard to make deliveries”, while Sainsbury’s says “any store that is running low will be replenished”.

Asda says it is getting deliveries through, while Morrisons says that although it has seen some local shortages it expects “things to improve”.

Co-op says “stocks are returning to normal as roads become passable again”, Lidl is “closely monitoring the situation and responding accordingly” and Aldi is “working hard” with suppliers “to keep disruption to a minimum”.

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